Winter Appeal

This winter, help us support vulnerable people seeking asylum.

Nine years ago, Ali* came to Australia with the hope of finding safety and an opportunity to rebuild his life. Since his arrival, Ali has been waiting for a determination on his protection visa—a decision that could potentially return him to danger. For the nine years that he’s been waiting to hear his fate, Ali has not been allowed to work. He has had to rely on government payments and the good will of the people around him to survive.
Despite these challenges he is a dedicated volunteer and a beloved member of his local community.
Recently, Ali was given work rights. However, that coincided with being informed that he was no longer eligible for any government support. This left him with no money to buy food or pay his rent, and he needed to find work immediately.
Ali turned to Welcoming Australia for help. We were able to provide him with emergency food assistance, additional English classes and employment advice. We were also able to connect him with an employer who was willing to offer him a job, even though he had no work history in Australia.
Welcoming Australia is proud to extend a hand to, and walk alongside, people like Ali.
More than 7,000 people across Australia are facing similar situations to Ali. Some are still unable to work. Others are struggling to advance their English language skills. While others just need more time and support to find employment.
This winter, we need your help to continue our vital work.
*Ali’s name has been changed, and an alternative image used, to protect his privacy.