Con Pagonis awarded for advancing a welcoming Australia

At the Opening Reception for the 2024 Welcoming Australia Symposium on Tuesday 30 April, Con Pagonis was awarded the Welcoming Australia Medal for his exceptional contribution to building a welcoming Australia where everyone can belong, contribute and thrive.

The Welcoming Australia Medal recognises exceptional individuals who have made a significant and ongoing contribution to communities where everyone can belong. This award acknowledges the hard work, passion and commitment of a select group of people who have been instrumental in growing Welcoming Australia as the largest network and movement for advancing social cohesion across the country. 

Con Pagonis has played an integral role in the story of Welcoming Cities, tracking involvement even before its official launch with Welcoming Australia in 2016; to the commencement of the initiative in 2015 

Con, as part of the Welcoming Cities Governance Committee, provides strategic oversight and advice to ensure the Welcoming Cities initiative sustainably grows its reach and impact. Con has been pivotal in the growth and success of Welcoming Cities 

Con is a consistent presence at Welcoming Australia Symposia, often travelling interstate to join the event, presenting the inaugural Welcoming Cities Awards for Change in Canberra in 2022. 

Con is a humble champion of the work of Welcoming Australia, always finding opportunities to showcase our movement and link us with other opportunities and never seeking any personal recognition or benefit. 

As well as volunteering with Welcoming Australia, Con devotes his time volunteering with organisations and initiatives;  African Women’s and Families Network, Australian Jazz Museum, The Boite and Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria 


Past Welcoming Australia Medal Recipients 

Presented each year at the Opening Reception of the Welcoming Australia Symposium, the award recognises individuals who have played a significant (and often unassuming) role in developing Welcoming Australia as a movement and organisation. Con joins 14 previous recipients who have been recognised for their contribution to a welcoming Australia:

Alipate Carlisle
Arefa Hassani
Arian Rezaei
Fahim Khondaker
Fida Hussain
Kate Leaney
Kerrin Benson AM
Leah Marrone
Leila Stennet
Manal Younus
Mariam Veiszadeh
Marziyah Mohammadi
Mohammad Al-Khafaji
Violet Roumeliotis AM


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