Living Room Sports

When formal sport & recreation opportunities have shut down due to a global pandemic, how do you remain connected, active and healthy?

The Living Room Sport series is a Welcoming Sport initiative featuring Victorian-based players and coaches as a direct response to COVID-19.

The series commenced on March 25, 2020 and has featured:

  • Jessica Scannell, Welcoming Sport Coordinator (Victoria) and former Irish Basketball International
  • Alex Chidiac, Matilda’s football player
  • Sebastian Pasquali, Western United football player
  • Andrew Edmondson, Wheelchair Rugby player and Australia Paralympian

Living Rooms Sports are live online sport sessions that allow anyone with an internet connection to access and participate. Inclusive and interactive, the sessions are a way for children, young people and families of all abilities and backgrounds to connect socially, remain active and learn new skills.

Participants are coached thought a 30-minute workout utilising various sport-based skills.

Live sessions are streamed via the Welcoming Sport Facebook page. Sessions are also made available for viewing any time via the Welcoming Sport Vimeo channel.

For further information, contact Jessica Scannel –

Football (Soccer)

Wheelchair Rugby