Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week 2024: 13- 22 September

Through Welcoming Week, organisations and communities bring together neighbours of all backgrounds to build strong connections and affirm the importance of building welcoming and inclusive communities – for our shared future. 

Welcoming Week 2024

The 2024 Welcoming Week theme, #WhatBringsUsTogether, is a moment to consider and celebrate the work of advancing a welcoming Australia that happens in communities across the country every single day.

In a time of escalating global uncertainty and division, we believe it’s crucial to intentionally carve out moments to share “What Brings Us Together”.

Whether through shared meals, the camaraderie of sports, vibrant music celebrations, thought-provoking art exhibitions, intimate storytelling circles, enriching cultural exchanges, or meaningful community service projects, we look forward to seeing the creative ways you and your communities celebrate Welcoming Week.  

Let’s embark on a journey of exploration, focusing on what unites rather than divides us as we strive to build a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.

By bringing us together to celebrate our shared humanity, we can advance a more inclusive and welcoming Australia where everyone can belong, contribute, and thrive.

Welcoming Week is an annual campaign and celebration to showcase the movement of communities striving to be more welcoming places for all, including migrants, refugees, people seeking asylum, international students and the entire community. We acknowledge that Welcoming Week events in Australia will be hosted on the unceded lands of First Nations.  We recognise the generosity and important role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the work of Welcoming Australia and Welcoming Week.

Welcoming Week 2024 will take place from September 13 – 22

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We are joining a global movement across six countries, hosting over 600 events annually. Welcoming Week 2024 is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the people, places, and values that ensure everyone feels welcome and belongs in the local community, no matter where they come from. 

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Welcoming Signs

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Social Media Templates

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Anyone can participate in Welcoming Week.
This year’s theme is #WhatBringsUsTogether

Some key actions partners, members, organisations, and individuals can take this year to celebrate #WhatBringsUsTogether to advance welcoming, inclusive communities

  • Submit a video to be part of the official 2024 Welcoming Week video – by Wednesday 14 August
  • Host an online or in-person event during Welcoming Week, for example:
    • Food festival featuring diverse cuisines
    • Explore the native ingredients in your area, led by a local Elder
    • Organise a welcoming mural – chalk, paint, otherwise!
    • Community BBQ or picnic
    • Festival or gathering showcasing the diverse musical talent of your community
    • Movie screening
    • Sports day
    • Crafts events
    • Community info session
    • Multicultural Quiz
  • Attend an event near you
  • On social media, share welcoming actions your community is taking
  • Issue a Welcoming Week Proclamation or Resolution

For more information and ideas, please check out this toolkit

About Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week is an annual campaign and celebration to showcase the movement of communities striving to be more welcoming places for all, including migrants. Launched in 2012 by Welcoming America and its members in the United States, Welcoming Week is now a global movement that brings communities and neighbours of all backgrounds together to build strong connections and affirm the importance of inclusive places.

Core Messages

Welcoming Week is an opportunity to share the work of welcoming places with your community and the media. These talking points can help guide your messaging and outreach.

  • Celebrated in hundreds of communities around the globe, Welcoming Week is an annual campaign that connects neighbours of all backgrounds through community-led activities and events.
  • Welcoming Week is an actionable, holistic campaign that provides individuals and communities the opportunity to publicly proclaim welcoming values, foster a mutual understanding between First Nations, refugees, migrants, people seeking safety, settlers and everyone calling their community home, and build a deeper sense of belonging for all.
  • More people than ever are on the move, displaced by climate and conflict and seeking opportunity and mobility. As this migration reshapes communities, many places are unprepared and underinvested in the work needed to create welcoming infrastructure – and they’re unsure of where to start. Welcoming Week invites communities to take the first step toward creating an environment where everyone can truly belong, contribute and thrive. In many ways, the initiative is an opportunity for communities to cultivate the awareness and energy that’s needed to sustain year-long welcoming efforts.
  • We believe that being welcoming is much more than being friendly, tolerant, or peaceful. To be truly welcoming, a community needs intentional, inclusive policies, practices, and norms that enable all residents to live, thrive, and contribute fully. Welcoming Week is one of the tools that can help us achieve this vision. During Welcoming Week, we pursue equity in our community by [specific detail(s) about your Welcoming Week event(s).]
  • Welcoming Week poses an opportunity for communities to cultivate the awareness and energy that’s needed to sustain year-long welcoming efforts. In [Location], this looks like [specific detail(s) about your Welcoming Week event(s)].
  • Welcoming Week is a time when a chorus of thousands—in communities large and small, rural and urban—celebrate the benefits of an inclusive and welcoming society and deepen their commitment to creating places where everyone can belong, contribute and thrive. 

Did you host a Welcoming Week event this year?

We’d love to hear your stories – please fill out this quick survey to let us know about your Welcoming Week experience this year, and importantly what can we do better next year? We’d love to know what resources we can provide to help you engage with Welcoming Week in 2024 – save the date for 13 – 22 September!