Welcoming Clubs


Embracing the power of sport for all.

Welcoming Clubs is Welcoming Australia’s overarching initiative for programs that embrace the power of sport and recreation as a vehicle for inclusion, opportunity and belonging for all members of the community.

Welcoming Clubs links both ends of the sporting continuum
– from the grassroots to the boardroom.

Become a  Welcoming Club

Welcoming Clubs Network and Accreditation

Welcoming Clubs is an active network of community sports clubs that are supported to embrace diversity and advance a sense of belonging for their members.

Benefits include:

  • Increased membership
  • Enhanced community connection
  • Diverse representation
  • Improved financial viability

Welcome to the Game

This specialist program supports young people and families from diverse backgrounds and abilities to access sport & recreation opportunities and connect with their local community.

Welcome to the Game focuses on Basketball, Football and Swimming as its core activities & includes individual access support.

Welcome to the Game is currently funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Social Services.


Active Inclusion Workshop

Understanding and embracing diversity to increase membership and reinforce your role in the community as a place that is safe, welcoming & inclusive to everyone.

This workshop supports clubs to be proactive about inclusion and be confident to make small changes so that your club can attract and retain a wider audience.

Bystander Training for Community Sport and Recreation Clubs

In addition to the Active Inclusion Workshop, this session provides clubs with the practical tools for all members to ‘be someone who does something’ in the face of racism and discrimination. The Bystander Framework helps build knowledge but most importantly builds the confidence of everyone so that your club is safe, welcoming, inclusive and somewhere that everyone can belong.

Community Projects

  • Off Street Football with Fitzroy Lions
  • Yarra Wild Beasts Girls Basketball Development
  • Local Anti-Racism Initiative- Active Inclusion

Further Informtation

For information on Welcoming Clubs, contact:
Maia Tua-Davidson

For information on Welcome to the Game (Victoria), contact:
Jessica Scannell