Welcoming Cities


Welcoming Cities is a national network of cities, shires, towns and municipalities who are committed to an Australia where everyone can belong and participate in social, cultural, economic and civic life. 

The initiative supports Local Councils and community stakeholders through knowledge sharing; partnership development; celebrating success; and, standards & accreditation. Welcoming Cities is part of a growing movement of more than 135 municipalities around the world.

Welcoming Cities recognises that, of all tiers of government, local councils are best placed to understand the complexity and diversity of their communities. However, they often engage in this work with limited resources and support. Members of Welcoming Cities have unprecedented access to a community of like-minded Local Governments and community stakeholders through:

Knowledge Sharing
Supporting local governments to access evidence-based research, resources, policies and case studies.

Partnership Development
Facilitating & resourcing multi-sector partnerships to maximise learning, reach and impact.

Celebrating Success
Recognising local governments that demonstrate leading practice and innovation in welcoming efforts.

Standard + Accreditation
Setting the National Standard for cultural diversity and inclusion policy and practice in Local Government.

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