Solidarity with Afghanistan


Australia can – and must – do more in response to the worsening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

We must act with immediacy and compassion to offer safety, solidarity, support, aid and protection. We have collated a range of actions you can take as individuals to call on our leaders to take brave and compassionate action in response to this crisis.

We are taking our lead from the Afghan Australian community; amplifying their voices and calls to action – and we ask our community members to join us. Here are some ways you can add your voice:

We’re proud to be among tens of thousands of organisations and individuals to add their voice to this call for Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to take urgent concrete steps to support the Afghan people who, having faced suffering, war, injustice and ongoing trauma, are now facing an imminent humanitarian crisis with the violent Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Can you add your voice today?

Action for Afghanistan

There are a range of actions Australia can – and should – take to offer safety and security to Afghans in Australia on temporary visas, as well as increasing humanitarian intake from Afghanistan.

You can call on your elected leaders to take these actions and stand in solidarity with the Afghan community, by completing this template letter put together by our friends in the Afghan Australian community. (All you need to do is fill in your details, personalise the letter and hit send!)

Email Your MP

On the 17th August, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, a member of the Welcoming Cities network, held a Special Meeting to pass the below motion

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield:

  1. recognises the rich social, cultural and economic contributions of humanitarian migrants from Afghanistan—including the large population of Hazara—in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield;
  2. acknowledges the particular persecution, marginalisation and disadvantage now facing the Hazara as well as other Afghans who worked with Australian forces over the past twenty years;
  3. commits to working with the local Hazara community and broader Afghan diaspora in Port Adelaide Enfield to provide appropriate social and community support; and
  4. calls on the Australian Government to urgently:
    a) grant permanent protection visas to Afghan refugees who are on temporary visas already here;
    b) enable family reunification by granting financially accessiblepartner/family type visas; and
    c) establish a resettlement quota for Afghans most at risk from the current unrest in Afghanistan and assist with their emergency evacuation.

Click here for a copy of the motion and here for an explanation document to send to your local Councillor or Council to ask them to take similar action.

Thank you to the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, particularly Cr Osborn, for your leadership with this initiative. Thank you also to other Welcoming Cities members; the City of Playford and the City of Salisbury for your leadership in passing similar motions of support and commitment.

Thank you for your commitment to cultivating a culture of welcome.

On the 25th August, the Parliament of South Australia passed (unanimously) the following motion:

That this House –

  1. acknowledges the more than 26,000 Australians who served in Afghanistan and mourn the ultimate sacrifice 41 Australian soldiers made while serving our country;
  2. supports the people of Afghanistan during this difficult time and acknowledges the sacrifices many Afghanis made over the last 20 years working with Australian and NATO partners to help free Afghanistan from the Taliban;
  3. supports and commits to work with the local Afghan community of South Australia and provide assistance where appropriate;
  4. calls on the Morrison Government to implement the following actions immediately;
  1. grant all Afghan nationals who are already in Australia on SHEVs and Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) a path to permanent residency and ultimately Australian citizenship;
  2. subject to all necessary security and health checks, facilitate migration to Australia of Afghan residents, including their families, who have worked with or assisted Australian Defence Forces or consular personnel in Afghanistan in recognition of their service to Australia;
  3. announce a humanitarian refugee visa program for Afghan ethnic minorities such as the Hazaras and advocate for women’s and human rights, journalists and other activists at risk due to Taliban rule; and prioritise and increase the number of Australian family reunion visas for Afghan Australians

Click here for a copy of the motion and here to view the speech introducing the motion, including the stories of people on Safe Haven Enterprise Visas in South Australia.

Thank you to the Opposition Leader, Mr Peter Malinauskas for introducing this motion and to the South Australian Parliament for their leadership in passing this important motion.

Thank you for your commitment to cultivating a culture of welcome.

If you are able to donate financially, or coordinate a fundraiser at your school, workplace or community, here are a few reputable charities working to provide urgent assistance to communities in Afghanistan:

For those looking to support newly arrived families across Australia, please consider:

Upcoming events in Australia to stand in solidarity with Afghan communities:

How can we provide support to Afghan communities throughout Australia throughout this crisis?

Some helpful links:

In Adelaide, and want to volunteer to support our newest neighbours?

Register here.

We will share details with you about opportunities to volunteer with Welcoming Australia and partner organisations, as these opportunities arise.