Welcoming Clubs

Welcoming Clubs recognises the power of sport to bring people together. We are a growing network of sports and recreation clubs who are committed to building communities where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to participate and belong.

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Our Challenge

Sports and recreation clubs make a significant contribution to economic and social capital, and they have traditionally held a unique position in the community as a gathering and facilitation point for physical and community activity.

However, while sports and recreation are a defining characteristic of the Australian identity, modern clubs face complex challenges and they require resources and support to continue to be places where community connection can thrive and grow.

Our Opportunity

In the face of global challenges and uncertainty, sporting codes and clubs have been forced to reassess their value, role and operating models. This presents an opportunity for clubs to define their leadership role in communities and embed inclusive practices in everything they do. What is required is a coordinated framework and approach that:

  1. Provides sports and recreation clubs with the know-how, framework and resources to cultivate a culture of welcome and embrace diversity and inclusion practices;
  2. Benchmarks policies and practices against clearly defined standards that encourage and support ongoing learning, development and success; and,
  3. Enables people from all backgrounds – including recently arrived migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum – to access the support that is often required to participate in sports and recreational opportunities and broader community life.

How We Help

Knowledge Sharing
Supporting sporting codes and clubs to access evidence-based research, policies, case studies and leading practice.

Partnership Brokering
Facilitating cross-sector collaboration and brokering multi-sector partnerships to maximise learning, reach and impact.

Celebrating Success
Sharing good news stories and recognising the existing efforts of sporting codes and clubs that demonstrate leading practice and innovation in welcoming efforts.

Standard and Accreditation
Setting the Standard for cultural diversity and inclusion policy and practice in sports and recreation.

The Welcoming Clubs Standard
– Public Draft & Consultation

The Welcoming Clubs Standard has been developed by Welcoming Australia, through the Welcoming Sport initiative, to provide a framework and support for sport and recreation clubs to progress their diversity and inclusion practices and create a culture of welcome for all members of the community.

The purpose of the Public Draft is to receive feedback from a diverse range of sporting codes and clubs to ensure that the Standard is relevant, accessible and beneficial.

Feedback process:

  1. View the Welcoming Clubs explanatory video (at the top of the page)
  2. Download the Welcoming Clubs Standard – Public Draft
  3. Download the Feedback spreadsheet (Excel format)
  4. Provide comments and suggestions on the spreadsheet and/or via email to: clubs@welcoming.org.au

All feedback will be tracked and application to future iterations will be noted in a centralised document. While feedback will be shared publicly, privacy will be maintained, and all information will be de-identified.


Maia Tua-Davidson
Manager, Welcoming Sport