Celebrations of Food: podcast

Sista Zai

In this podcast, Sista Zai Zanda talks to three inspiring women about culture, food and their connections to Country. Listen in as they exchange cooking ideas, their love of native ingredients, and heart-warming tales of how to bring family and friends together through food.

Jennifer Tran is a performance designer, community engagement worker and project coordinator of Chinese heritage. She uses conversations around cooking, food and recipes to create bonds between women seniors, their families and communities. Seeking to rectify the loneliness of Covid-19 experienced by seniors accustomed to the company of their family and friends,  Jennifer embarked on Teta’s Kitchen, a series of videos that share stories about recipes and cooking methods. Jennifer is also creating a sculptural garden at Westvale Community Garden and a Mama’s Kitchen program with parents at Deer Park North Primary School. These communal events become in themselves, their story. 

Fipe Preuss is a Samoan entrepreneur and Marine/Environmental Activist.  Co-founder of Living Koko an eco-friendly, no waste cacao manufacturing space that supports rural economic opportunities in her homelands. Phoebe advocates for culturally appropriate foods and food sovereignty sharing the importance of understanding what is fuelling our bodies and spirit. 

Nornie Bero is the executive chef and business owner of Mabu Mabu, a cafe, catering and retail food business celebrating First Nations food in Australia. Nornie is a Meriam woman from Mer Island, her style of cooking is all about generosity and flavour and she is currently on a mission to make Indigenous produce a part of everyone’s kitchen pantry. 

This conversation is based on Welcoming Australia’s Campfire Stories event series, funded by the Victorian Government through the Department of Premier and Cabinet. 

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